Will open format survive this election? Up to any one of us, and all of us

CoRev says:

Dan, may I suggest an open thread that allow us to list the various policy issues and then discuss them.

I would start with:
1) Economic
2) Energy
3) Jobs [and I consider 1,2 & 3 to be closely interlinked]
4) Fiscal
— Balanced Budget
— Taxes
5) National Security

It is hard to divorce any one policy or subpart from its economic impacts. Maybe that’s why we are all on this open discussion Econ blog.

Rdan replies:

Yes, I will try it as a way for right and left to stay on issues. We have plenty of representation. Is it possible when even people like Mary McArdle, others are assigning interns and other people are assigning TAs to monitor comments. This is a ferocious assault for control by people self-absorbed or suspended values of honesty.

It is the kind of thing to test one’s beliefs in the honesty people can be capable of, and the kind of restraint that threatens even the staunchest self-control.

Possible?? I do not know. Some of us are pretty touchy and loaded like tight springs. For you, intrepid rightside of center, I will respect your request and try this as an experiment. Someone will certainly bust in to disrupt the flow and others can claim injury…if so it will not work.

If people stay on topic I or others can delete obvious offenders and no one will miss the deletions if no one responds. Any other ideas from readers?

Start with jobs, trade?? I realize this can be simply “asking for it”.