"WORLD ENTERING A DANGER ZONE", according to World Bank

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“WORLD ENTERING A DANGER ZONE”, according to World Bank

Global Food Crisis

Bottom line:

Food Crisis
World Bank

Rising Food Prices Threaten Poverty Reduction

April 9, 2008, World Bank

Volatility in Agricultural Commodities – An Update
May 2008, World Bank

Rising Food Prices in East Asia: Challenges and Policy Options
Milan Brahmbhatt and Luc Christiaensen1
May 2008, World Bank
*This is a report

World Bank President to G8: ‘World Entering a Danger Zone’
July 2, 2008, World Bank

G8 Must Act Now as ‘World Entering a Danger Zone,’ Zoellick Says
July 2, 2008, World Bank

Double Jeopardy: Responding to High Food and Fuel Prices

WB Report submitted to G8 Hokkaido-Toyako Summit
July 2, 2008, World Bank

Other sources:

Global Food Security Crisis

United Nations

World Food Situation

United Nations

International Monetary Fund

Price Surge Driving Some Countries Close to Tipping Point – IMF
1 July 2008, International Monetary Fund [new report] here
and here