Defining "uprooted"

It rained and stormed a bit yesterday.

After speaking with my insurance company, I am told the following:

  1. This is considered an “Act of G-d” (clearly, the OT version of same)
  2. Since the damage is almost all on my neighbor’s property (their fence, their swing set, their garage), it’s not covered under my policy.
  3. Since my policy doesn’t cover “land,” that big mud puddle that used to have a tree in it is also not covered.
  4. Since it’s an AoG, there is no point in filing a “liability claim” to cover damage to my neighbor’s property.

We’re inclined to believe that my neighbor’s insurance company will agree with this assessment.

I suspect many homeowners are about to find out that their insurance policy does not do all that they thought it would. Can a truly rational market exist in the face of persistent informational asymmetries?