Capital gains increase will change investor behavior? Nah.

Bloomberg has a poll that takes a look at rational investor behavior, with which I am very familiar, over the panic behavior laid out by our conservative ideologues over touching capital gain taxes of any percentage.

If the monied sloshers are as sensitive as they imply, maybe they aren’t so rational, and are actually in panic mode for the percentages all the time. Having adrenaline in the brain everyday causes physical damage to brain function, and warps perceptions.

Ask any soldier on the front…it changes the mind. And not for the good in civilian life. You have to get rid of the adrenaline to function in a different, more peaceful setting.

Our ‘rush’ to gain percentage probably, over time, damages our common family and community as well. Staying high all the time did not work for hippies, why should it work for sloshers?

Just saying.