Spain’s new defense minister

(The person on the left)

Spain’s new defense minister has been a hot topic in Spain for awhile. I do not pretend to know the particular issues.

However, two issues emerged as central from the write up:

1. Lack of military experience. (I assume either directly or as a part of the defense ministry prior to her appointment). She has cabinet level experience.
2. Her pregnancy. (I assume part of that is a leave of absence, perhaps mental stability?)
3. I did not read any reporting on the fact she is a woman, so assume it is not an issue or is in the background.

The US has its own difficulties including women into the military, which is for a separate post. It did occur to me…

1. How many defense secretaries have had defense experience or served in the US military? What counts as experience? I remember these people:
Robert Gates
Rumsfeld (Cheney)
William Perry
William Cohen
Robert McNamara
Frank Carlucci
James Schlesinger
2. If pregnancy is considered “medical”, is that different than say a man or woman prone to debilitating heart attacks? Or is pregnancy possibly easier than heart attack damage, mental or physical?
3. If Obama wins and Hillary would not accept being VP, which is sensible, is she tough enough to be Secretary of Defense?

I know this might be just a conversation…but no standing in line to comment. The picture jarred me, but then I thought hmmmmmm…..