Progress on right to know about sewerage!!

Right to know hearings for contamination of local water resources.

Dr. Summers, from the Maryland Department of Environment, explained how Maryland’s strong monitoring and notification requirements had helped quantify problems and were greatly appreciated by many utilities as it allowed them to explain and justify why more investment is required. Stuart Whitford, from the Kitsap County Health Department explained his support of H.R. 2452 by telling a scary story about a sewage spill that went on for two years before anyone realized what was going on (and after 4.8 million gallons of sewage was spilled!).
Microbiologist Erin Lipp did a great job of explaining how potent just a little bit of raw sewage can be and that the illnesses from sewage are vastly underreported.
Finally, even Kevin Schafer, the representative for the wastewater treatment community supported the monitoring and notification, but just wanted to make sure that details were spelled out and that the requirements were not too costly.

Sewerage is a water resource is a previous posting buy rdan.