Back in the Saddle

First off, apologies to everyone for my extended hiatus. It’s been almost four weeks since I’ve posted, which is the longest stretch that I’ve been missing since I starting writing on Angry Bear nearly three years ago. But the past few weeks have been a pretty busy time for me in more than the usual sense, due to lots of major changes in my personal life (mostly having to do with moving, buying a house, and changing jobs). Tons of credit and kudos go to PGL for keeping the ship sailing almost single-handedly while I was out of action. (Hmmm… let’s see how many metaphors I can mix in one post…)

The next few weeks also promise to be pretty filled with things that will try to keep me on the sidelines, but even if I can’t get back to my usual rate of output I do plan on writing at least a little, starting today…