Andy McCarthy on the Latest Plame Leak News

The big news is covered by Kevin Drum, Max Sawicky, Mark Thoma, and many others almost too numerous to name. OK, the left side of BlogLand is all over this – but what about the National Review. It seems Andy McCarthy wants to “parse carefully how the press is describing Libby’s testimony”. Check out the fine job he does at parsing this story!

Update: Judd Legum hammers Andrew McCarthy.

Update II: Byron York weighs in following Andrew McCarthy’s lead, which basically is that the Administration did no wrong. But then Joe Wilson may have leaked classified information. Yep – the NRO continues their parade of disinformation to excuse the criminals in the White House.

Update III: JackNYC and Calmo’s comments are echoed by the Sandwichman in the I’m Not a Shoplifiter defense.