LA Times Endorses Proposition 75

I oppose Proposition 75, which is mislabeled paycheck protection. My local newspaper endorsed it:

IN 1998, THIS PAGE OPPOSED Proposition 226, the so-called paycheck-protection measure that sought to bar labor unions from spending a member’s dues for political activities in the absence of that member’s consent. We considered that initiative a disingenuous “good government” move aimed at diminishing the voice of only one side on public policy debates, and we would oppose such a proposition again if it were on this year’s ballot. But contrary to some of the arguments being mustered both for and against Proposition 75, this election’s version of “paycheck protection” is significantly different than Proposition 226: It applies only to public employee unions.

Huh? Employees in the public sector deserve fewer rights than employees in the private sector? An odd way to start its case.