Senator Clinton: Making a “Federal Case”

Does Howard Fineman have even the most remote understanding of the issues surrounding the Katrina disaster?

But Hurricane Katrina has thrown Hillary’s caution to the wind: she’s decided to made a federal case out of this one.

Fineman is trying to say that the former First Lady was playing politics with this disaster. Maybe a Karl Rove puppet might think so, but watch how Fineman gets utterly confused on the real issues:

But FEMA and disaster relief were relatively risk-free ways for Clinton to honor the Democratic Party’s Big Government tradition. Even churlish conservatives would have to acknowledge not just the legitimacy, but the wisdom of a large federal role in planning for and cleaning up after natural disasters.

Duh? It is the Federal government that is in the best position to address such emergencies. I blasted the National Review earlier for carrying Bush’s water for him. So what is Fineman’s excuse for this rather silly attack on Senator Clinton? I guess it’s too much for some to realize that Mrs. Clinton is married to the last competent President we have had.