Hey, Angry Bear…

…where have you been? Why aren’t you posting anymore?

Well, like Kash, I’m enjoying the summer while also trying to get a lot of work and reseach done. Also, I’ve been on about a six week pool bender, as I try to get ready for a big tournament that starts soon. And finally, it seems the muse has left me for a bit, though I expect she’ll return in the fall.

But as long as I’m posting, here’s some food for thought: Is Roberts really such a bad nominee? His record of arguing before the USSC, plus a bit of time as an appelate court judge, seem to make him well-qualified. And at least by Owen and Rogers-Brown standards, he’s not a giant nutbag. In fact, a few weeks ago I heard a 1997 Q&A he did with Georgetown law students (presumably in 1997, he had no thoughts of being nominated for a judgeship and so was relatively candid) and he seemed both intelligent and thoughtful, and his conservativeness didn’t show at all. Plus, there’s also this. And before you think I’ve lost my mind, note that I’m not claiming that Roberts is a great nominee in an absolute sense, but that for someone the current administration would nominate, he may not be so bad.