Able Danger: NRO Evidence from the Grave

The wingnuts have tried to pin the blame on 9/11 on Bill Clinton – with the latest phony tale being “Able Danger” ala Curt Weldon. Kevin Drum links to a few of these wingnuts over at the National Review’s The Corner. John Podhoretz claims he did not believe Weldon’s tale until he read this AP story. Odd – there is nothing in this story that confirms what Weldon is claiming.

Michael Ledeen apparently has more definitive evidence from James Jesus Angleton – former head of CIA counterintelligence. Odd – Angleton died in 1987. Next, we’ll see Lawrence Kudlow and John Tamny interviewing Adam Smith on the repeal of the law of scarcity.

Update: John Podhoretz is all over the map on this one. In one post, he writes:

Able Danger is the military-intelligence operation that evidently specifically identified the ringleader of the 9/11 attacks, Mohammed Atta, in 2000.

In this August 13 post, Podhoretz attacked the 9/11 commission for not taking Weldon’s allegation seriously. Next he apologized to the 9/11 commission and has decided maybe Weldon’s claim is not credible. Maybe he should have the August 12 memo from the 9/11 commission.

If there is any evidence to take Weldon’s allegation seriously, I have not seen it. But there is ample evidence to suggest we never should take Podhoretz seriously.