Kudlow credits “Team Kerry” exit polls

Does Lawrence Kudlow just make stuff up or what? Read his latest on why the Evangelicals came out in large number for Bush yesterday:

Who would have thought that lying exit polls, socially conservative Democrats, and Evangelical Christians would have dwarfed traditional issues like national security and economic prosperity on Election Day 2004…But in the end the evidence points to the Evangelicals as Bush’s primary engine of victory. It’s still a rumor, but if Team Kerry leaked phony exit-poll numbers they may have actually increased the Christian turnout, rather than depressing it.

Kudlow does not even tell us where this alleged rumor comes from and he provides no basis for the line “lying exit polls”. But in his odd little way, he confirms what AB said earlier:

…voters showing up to vote against gay marriage — the four million evangelical voters oft-mentioned by Rove. Ignorance. Fear. Hate. Victory.

But what truly amazes me is how Kudlow ends his explanation for Bush’s victory:

If the Bush-led conservative majority keeps its promises on a strong defense, on spreading peace-inducing freedom and democracy around the world, on limited government and lower tax rates to promote economic growth at home, on the pro-consumer, pro-investor, ownership-society, reformist conservative agenda for Social Security, healthcare, and education, and on the social values of protecting the unborn and preserving traditional marriage, then the 2004 election outcome will represent a huge step in the right direction for this great country.

Limited government? Does Kudlow even know government spending has risen in the past four years – and not just defense spending? So with less taxes and more consumption, we will have less investment and long-term growth – assuming the law of scarcity still exists. But then the economics editor of the National Review does not believe in the law of scarcity, I guess. As far as “reformist conservative agenda for Social Security, healthcare, and education”, it would have been nice if Kudlow told us what that agenda really was – since Bush never has articulated it honestly.

It seems the next four years will likley be like the last four years – more lies from the National Review as it carries the water for this Administration.