What Else Are They Hiding?

We just learned about the missing 380 tons of explosives from the New York Times even though the Administration has known about this for some time. The Times had to learn from the Iraqis as the Administration apparently wanted to keep the lid on this until after November 2. And the Administration’s prime concern seems to be its political as its cheerleaders are downplaying the significance of this missing explosive.

Time Magazine has this story about Bunny Greenhouse, the “whistle-blower objected to the government’s Halliburton deals—and says now she’s paying for it”. Halliburton scoffs this is old news. Of course, we are talking about a five-year no-bid contract sold on the premise that time was of the urgency even though this was a month before the decision to go to war. Weren’t we told that Bush was hoping not to invade on March 19, 2003? And why is the Administration going after Ms. Greenhouse?

Of course, these two examples of corruption and incompetence are only the latest in a long line of stories that the Administration is trying to cover-up. A few of the others include:


Abu Ghraib

Those Cheney meeting with energy executive in early 2001

The true cost of the prescription drug benefit and the possibility that most of the benefits will accrue to big pharma

Bush’s Social Security agenda

Which taxpayers will pay for the Bush increases in government spending

The debt ceiling being delayed again until after November 2

This White House seems less concerned with its corruption and incompetence and more concerned with suppressing the truth until after next week’s election. Maybe some savvy day-trader should research who sells shredding machines because if Kerry wins the election, we might have an Andersen-Enron shredding party on a massive scale.