Iacocca Endorses Kerry

Lee Iacocca campaigned for Bush in 2000, but just endorsed Kerry:

“I’m here today because our country needs a change in leadership,” Iacocca said during an appearance with Kerry. “We need a leader who is really dedicated to creating millions of high-paying jobs all across the country.”

This probably wouldn’t be much of a big deal — Iacocca is long out of the national spotlight — except that Rasmussen’s 6/21 polling showed Michigan slipping from Kerry’s column back to a toss-up. As the man credited with saving Chrysler in the 1980s, I expect his endorsement to carry some weight in this important (17 EC votes) state. Iacocca is also a native of another swing state, Pennsylvania (21 EC votes).

Perhaps Kerry or someone should make an ad or flyer from the chart in this post and show it around Michigan:

The data in that chart stop at the end of 2003, before job growth finally turned more than non-trivially positive. I’ll check it out and update it over the weekend, but I’m certain that Michigan — like the country at large — is nowhere close to where it was before Bush, much less where it would have been without Bush in office.