Grover Norquist

AFter 10 or so years of having his crazy statements go unchallenged, Republican strategist Grover Norquist must think he can just say anything and no one will call him on it. Least of all a CNN reporter. Here’s the latest, courtesy of The Daily Show‘s Lewis Black:

BLACK: There’s a movement headed up by the Ronald Reagan Legacy Project to get Ronald Reagan’s face on the ten dollar bill. Project head Grover Norquist explained why we needed to dump that slacker Alexander Hamilton.

[cut to Norquist on CNN]

NORQUIST: Alexander Hamilton has been on the ten since 1928. He’s been well honored by the country. He was a great Secratary of The Treasury. But of all the people on the currency, the only one who isn’t a president …

[cut back to Lewis Black]

BLACK: He’s the only non-president on the currency? Really? The only one? I’ll bet you a hundred bucks you’re wrong!

If anyone saw this in real time, I’d like to know whether the CNN interviewer pointed Grover’s error out to him.