Cheney: Pants on Fire

First, everybody stop saying “F-Bomb”. It’s stupid. Why am I particularly annoyed with the term “F-Bomb” at this exact moment? Because the Vice President, as Kash noted, apparently told Sen. Pat Leahy, “Go fuck yourself!”

Second, Cheney says “Fuck” and I get to hear about it on CNN, in the paper, and everywhere else? Meanwhile Cheney lies and deceives on issues of substance and each one gets only a passing mention, at best? Sweet Republican Jesus!

What’s that? Prove Cheney lies? Ok. Here are the clips, courtesy of Over/Spun. If you have six minutes, watch the whole thing; if not, start at 2:50. The clips are, of course, from The Daily Show (After the clip of Cheney lying, Jon Stewart quipped, “Mr. Vice President, I have to inform you that your pants are on fire”). That’s right. I go to CNN to hear that the Vice President of the United States said a bad word; I have to rely on Comedy Central for useful information. Ahh, the Liberal Media.