Digby’s The Leviathan


… It’s hard to tell who’s bad or good and it’s not enough to simply assert that one group is and one isn’t. We need systems and institutions to sort these things out in the most perfect way we can find and those systems and institutions are imperfect indeed. If we ever had a strength in America, a source of pride and superiority, it was that we put our trust in the rule of law not men.

And that is precisely the opposite of what our president has been saying. He’s said “trust us” because we are good. We don’t need to provide any explanations or adhere to any laws, treaties or agreements because the character of our people doesn’t require it. And that is why these pictures are being greeted around the world with both horror and glee…

You really should be reading Digby’s Hullabaloo anyway, but in case you haven’t been, here’s a tip: start. He’s really been on a roll with his coverage of the recently revealed outrages in Iraq. Also, don’t miss this post on Joe “Outraged by Blowjobs But Not by Torture” Lieberman’s statment today that “The people who attacked us on September 11 never apologized. [He continued in a similar vein for 1-2 minutes.]” I won’t spoil it all, but here’s an excerpt from the exciting conclusion:

By this [Lieberman’s] logic, until we see some apologies from the Japanese, the Germans, the Brits and especially the French, it’s perfectly ok for us to kill as many Canadians as we want.

Just as long as nobody gets any consensual, unphotographed blow jobs. That would be immoral.

Also see … just read the whole blog.