Bush’s ‘Manufacturing Czar’

From today’s WaPost:

Bush Choice for Manufacturing Post in Question

Six months after promising to create an office to help the nation’s struggling manufacturers, President Bush settled on someone to head it, but the nomination was being reconsidered last night after Democrats revealed that his candidate had opened a factory in China.

…In late afternoon, the administration announced that the new assistant secretary of commerce for manufacturing and services would be named at a ceremony this morning. Industry officials were told that the job would go to Anthony F. Raimondo, chairman and chief executive of a Nebraska company that makes metal buildings and grain silos.

…Seventy-five minutes after the administration announced a news conference with Commerce Secretary Donald L. Evans to name the official, an advisory went out saying the event had been “postponed due to scheduling conflicts.”

Given that the Bush administration relies primarily on p.r. when it comes to the economy (rather than actual solutions for the country’s economic problems), it’s telling that they aren’t even able to get the p.r. right anymore.