Dean Endorsement

I’m not sure what to make of Gore’s endorsement of Dean, other than that it’s clearly good news for Dean. If I were a right wing columnist or blogger, I suppose I’d be trying to figure out how this either proves that (1) Hillary will run in 2004, or (2) Hillary will run in 2008, so Bill Clinton wants the 2004 Democratic candidate to fail and is somehow using Gore’s endorsement to achieve that end.


UPDATE: Dan Drezner steps up to the plate on Hillary:

Gore’s endorsement would throw a significant monkey wrench into this Southern Strategy. [Wouldn’t the Clintons be happy about this, since it increases the odds that Hillary will be able to run in 2008?–ed. ]

That makes sense, Prof. Drezner. Dean won’t do well in the South so supporting Dean means you want the 2004 Democratic nominee to lose, which means you really want Hillary to run in 2008 (notwithstanding that she’ll do no better in the South than Dean). All conservatives (including Mickey Kaus) should pause, count to ten, and reflect on the logic of their argument before making any statements about Hillary Clinton.