California Questions

1. How long will it take Arnold to lose popularity as services are cut in CA? Will we see W. campaigning with Arnold in CA next fall? Or will W. want to keep his distance?

2. Will the White House end its undeclared war on CA now, and actually try to help Arnold with CA’s problems?

3. What do you think that Arnold will actually do now about CA’s budget problems? Will he keep talking in generalities, or will he actually make a policy decision at last?

4. Will a “Recall Arnold” movement make people realize how absurd CA’s recall process is? Will we see an initiative on the 2004 ballot to amend (or eliminate) CA’s recall process?

5. When Issa and friends started the Davis Recall movement less than three months after Davis’ election, did they really think that once they did it, someone else wouldn’t try to recall the Republican governor? How long will it take them to express shock and amazement at a Recall Arnold movement? Will they accuse Democrats of being sore losers, for trying to get rid of a governor who was just elected? Will anyone notice the hypocrisy?

6. Will a “Recall Arnold” movement succeed in gathering the necessary signatures to force a recall election?

7. Who were the 1+ million people who voted “NO” on the recall but then didn’t vote for Bustamante? What was their reasoning? I’m just curious…

Answers to any of these questions are welcome.