Thou Shalt Not Make Taxes Less Regressive

Actually, that’s not one of the Ten Commandments, but based on the results of yesterday’s vote on Republican Governor Bob Riley’s tax package (67-33 against!), most Alabamans think it is. Riley cast his plan, which proposed to deal with the state’s $675 deficit by increasing taxes on the wealthier Alabamans, as the Christian thing to do. Two-thirds of the voters in Alabama were apparently unconvinced so now Riley has to find a way to cut $675 million from the state’s budget.


UPDATE: Where will the money come from and what will it mean for Alabama residents? No More Mister Nice Blog has the details. I agree with Kash’s prediction in the comments to this post: “[I’d] be surprised…if Alabamans don’t complain when their services (especially education) are slashed over the coming months.” But when they get upset, will they blame Riley or the Republicans who opposed the tax package?