Bush’s Popularity

Here’s a new bit of polling data from Gallup:


PRINCETON, NJ — President George W. Bush’s job approval rating has dropped significantly over the last two weeks, and now, at 52%, is at its lowest point since the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and within one point of the lowest rating during his presidency. The percentage of Americans who disapprove of Bush’s performance, 43%, is the highest measured since he took office. Bush’s job approval rating on his handling of the situation in Iraq has dropped from 57% to 51%, and a slight majority of Americans say Congress should not authorize Bush’s request for $87 billion in additional funding for Iraq and the war on terrorism.

This is simply one example of a dramatic decline in Bush’s approval numbers over the past month. (See Pollkatz for a great graphic.) As people realize that the emperor has no clothes, one wonders: what will Rove think of to give Bush his next bump in popularity? A war would work well, but all of the easy targets are now gone…

Does anyone have any suggestions?