I’m always looking to link more opposing but reasoned views, but it’s tough to do in good conscience with most of the righties. I’ve got Postrel, den Beste, Lileks, BusinessPundit, Jane Galt, Media Whores Online, OxBlog, Samizdata, and Volokh (one of these blogs is not the same). That’s about all the righties I can tolerate.

Several or most of the blogs on the previous list would justly call themselves more Libertarian than conservative, which is probably why they made the list. I give Libertarians credit for wanting to keep government out of my bloodstream and out of my bedroom. Now, if I could just make Libertarians realize that sometimes we’re all better off when the government puts its hands in our pockets (you know: “form a more perfect Union“; “promote the general Welfare“).

In any event, say hello to two more non-lefties with blogs worth reading:

While you’ve probably seen Julian S. before, Amy P. is new. And we give her extra credit for disliking Bush’s tax cuts.