From Bold to Audacious

You may recall not so long ago when everything President Bush did or proposed doing was “bold”. As in “the President’s tax package may severely damage the economy and wreak havoc on the poor, but it is a very bold plan”. Apparently, the new word is “audacious”, as in “In a series of audacious moves, President Bush–eschewing diplomacy–is straining or breaking relations with long-time allies and setting a dangerous precedent for unilateral agression.”

Atrios has the “audacious-watch” here. And for what it’s worth, I can add the NYT’s David E. Sanger who in a piece today writes:

What has surprised the world is the audacity with which Mr. Bush has pursued that vision — to the point today of drawing up detailed plans for making Iraq an American protectorate, for as long as it takes to transform it into a peaceful nation.