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The Tale Behind Whittle

This one is by ILSM, part of his Whittle a Beak series. — During my ill spent youth, many years ago, I served with a seasoned non commissioned officer from somewhere in the rural old south, foothills of the Appalachians. A colorful, experienced and outspoken commenter on the brass. One day he returned from a […]

ILSM – The Generals Pile On The KC 145

This one is by ILSM… — In this article by James Wallace in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, we learn that some generals have joined the PR battle on behalf of Northrop, writing to Defense Secretary Gates urging him to stand by the Air Force mistake on the KC-135 replacement. The generals present only arguments against the […]

ILSM: Whittle a Break

This one is by ILSM… — I’d like to comment on this front page story in the Washington Post, published on April 1, 2008 by Dana Hedgpeth, a Washington Post Staff Writer. GAO Blasts Weapons BudgetCost Overruns Hit $295 Billion Government auditors issued a scathing review yesterday of dozens of the Pentagon’s biggest weapons systems, […]