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The suspected terrorist went to a federal pen?

by: Divorced one like Bush So, we can’t bring the Gitmo crowd here because they are dangerous and would create an inviting situation for further terrorism, but we can take the suspected Northwest Airline man to a federal pen just outside of Detroit? A suspected terrorist, in a federal pen? What?  Does the government really think […]

In the eye of the beholder

Came across a couple of videos. This first one is an issue of perspective on the thought of what is terroism or what is a terroist act. This second one is just plain funny (at least to me). It spoofs on the Annie Oakley comment by Senator Obama. On the economy side of things using […]

Anbar and Pakistan

John Robb offers a viewpoint on progress in Iraq and lessons to be learned. When the Askariya shrine was bombed in February 2006, it fractured Iraqi social systems along religious lines. In the fighting that followed, Sunni guerrilla groups underwent a transformation from small and loosely connected to large and bureaucratic. This change was driven […]

Gallup world poll and extreme global thought

This analysis of Gallup Poll data offers insights for us to seriously think about. It also fits in with John Robb’s expert theory on terrorisms. Often U.S. policy-makers and other intellectuals draw an analogy between the Cold War and the current “global war on terror” and recommend analogous strategies, because, after all, both conflicts battled […]

Reaer Dan on Terrorism, Part 2

This post is by Reader Dan… ——————– Another try at a serious discussion of terrorism. This post follows up a previous post on terrorismlisting four very general outlooks. This article on electrical grids in Iraq has wider implications than causing havoc in Baghdad. John Robb has an intelligent opinion that covers part of the terrorist […]

Reader Sammy on Terrorism

In the wake of the recent attempted car bombings on London and Glasgow, reader Sammy sends along a link to this article: [W]e are confronted with the uneasy reality that our cosy assumptions about who becomes a terrorist and why have once again been shattered. For most of us, the profile of the suicide bomber […]

Reader Dan – Mulling Over the Definition of Terrorism

Reader Dan continues mulling over what Bob Hormats wrote… ———————– Rather than define terrorism itself, which appears to have many forms, goals and objectives, and methods, I have found several responses to the ‘war on terror’ to be more manageable and in line with our recent experience with Mr. Hormats and current media coverage. Several […]