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Are Republicans or Democrats Better for the Economy?

Barry Ritholz’s The Big Picture carries a link to Presimetrics in the Reads to start your week section of his blog and Mike has been asked by Barry to post a chapter in the book section. Dan says: Mike’s book is one that people need to study and not skim to reinforce a dearly held […]

Increasing taxes

by Linda Beale Increasing taxes on the richcrossposted with Ataxingmatter Sometimes a few letters to the editor can restore one’s faith in the sensibleness of fellow Americans.  I particularly like Jerry Trupin’s Nov. 25, 2010 New York Times letter responding to Nicholas Kristof’s article on hedge funds.  In A Hedge Fund Republic, New York Times, […]

New Year’s Tax Resolutions

by Linda Beale A quote from Amartya Sen, and my New Year’s Tax Resolutions (for Congress and the Obama Administration) The time between December 30 and January 4 seems to be filled with lists. Along with the ever-present list of “to dos” that haven’t been done and still are hanging around waiting for our attention, […]