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Baucus Mark: CBO Preliminary Score

by Bruce Webb CBO letter to Baucus Estimated Budgetary Impact of the Amended Chairman’s Mark According to CBO and JCT’s assessment, enacting the Chairman’s mark, as amended, would result in a net reduction in federal budget deficits of $81 billion over the 2010–2019 period (see Table 1). The estimate includes a projected net cost of […]

CBO Preliminary Score of Baucus’s Chairman’s Mark

by Bruce Webb (h/t kharris) A Summary of the Specifications for Health Insurance Coverage Provided by the Staff of the Senate Finance Committee. ‘Preliminary’ doesn’t begin to describe this, it is not even based on the full text of the Chairman’s mark as released this morning, which is probably just as well since that really […]

Meet the Senate Finance Committee

by Bruce Webb For the last two months much of the talk around Health Care Reform has been about the Gang of Six of the Senate Finance Commitee to the point that some people think the Gang and the Committee are one and the same. But this is not true at all, this week Chairman […]

Baucus ‘Plan’ Released

by Bruce Webb HOLD THE PRESSES. I am deleting this post. It is not clear that the document posted on the Finance Committee website actually reflects Baucus’s new proposal. Why they chose to put an older document up this morning is a mystery. Until I get it figured out this will have to be a […]

Was it a Gang of Seven?

by Bruce Webb Max Baucus of Montana (pop 935,670- 89.2% white)Kent Conrad of North Dakota (pop 636,677- 90.1% white)Jeff Bingaman of New Mexico (pop 1,928,384- 42.8% white)Michael B. Enzi of Wyoming (pop 509,294- 88.8% white)Charles E. Grassley of Iowa (pop 2,966,334- 91.5% white)Olympia Snowe of Maine (pop 1,321,505 – 96% white). Most people following the […]