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Health Care thoughts: Regulatory Weirdness

by Tom aka Rusty Rustbelt Health Care : Regulatory Weirdness Nursing homes (SNFs and NFs) are very highly regulated, more regulated than hospitals. Included in the regulatory regime is a minimum of one survey per year by the state, with additional state and federal surveys possible. I’ve read hundreds of the voluminous survey reports and […]

Market Failure Cannot Be Resolved Without Regulation

Matthew Richardson, a professor at NYU Stern School of Business, offers his thoughts on risk management and the economy. Market Failure Cannot Be Resolved Without Regulation Matthew Richardson on November 23, 2010, 12:00 AM I am all for free markets and not mucking them up with government intervention. But the economic theory of regulation tells […]

Interlude / Self-Indulgent Advt

I want one of these positions: The Office of Complex Financial Institutions (which the agency has assigned the acronym CFI) “will perform continuous review and oversight of bank holding companies with more than $100 billion in assets as well as non-bank financial companies designated as systemically important by the new Financial Stability Oversight Council,” the […]

Peanut Butter Regulations

by Rusty Rustbelt PEANUT BUTTER REGULATIONS Watching people spread peanut butter is interesting. I am a semi-neurotic peanut butter spreader, I try to cover most of the bread and try to get the thickness close to even, but I am not a perfectionist-neurotic spreader. There are also slap-and-eat messy spreaders. Having dealt with a wide […]

Crooked Timber notes from the FT

First, go read Henry on the lambasting of, especially, Turkey by U.S. idiots. Apparently, any U.N. vote is wholly the responsibility of everyone except the people who presented the resolution. Note also that the editorial page has a much more interesting piece on economics than all those Zogby myths. Maybe more about that later, but […]

Ross Douthat and the cocoon

Robert Waldmann Douthat is worried about the Republican information cocoon. He thinks that conservatives should not rely so much on Fox News and should be open to media which they consider unfriendly (such as his employer the New York Times). He argues that Republicans achieved more back before FoxIn the age Before Fox News, on […]

La cupidité

If I’m reading this link from my usual news source correctly, Joseph Stiglitz’s new book Freefall: America, Free Markets, and the Sinking of the World Economy is being sold in France under the title Le triomphe de la cupidité (The Triumph of Greed). The sole B&N customer review so far is a confused jumble: If […]

New Year’s Tax Resolutions

by Linda Beale A quote from Amartya Sen, and my New Year’s Tax Resolutions (for Congress and the Obama Administration) The time between December 30 and January 4 seems to be filled with lists. Along with the ever-present list of “to dos” that haven’t been done and still are hanging around waiting for our attention, […]