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Indefinite detention of Americans…progress in Fed court update

Via Salon, the The Village Voice updates us on the progress on the suit by Chris Hedges and others (also see NDAA website): The question being argued in federal court in Lower Manhattan yesterday boiled down to this: Is a law authorizing the indefinite military detention of American citizens with only the barest recourse to […]

Comments on Journalist Chris Hedges’ article “Why I’m Suing Barack Obama”

by Beverly Mann Comments on Journalist Chris Hedges’ article, “Why I’m Suing Barack Obama”(reformatted for easier reading) Dan asked me if I could comment on an article published yesterday on Truthdig, republished on Truthout, by veteran foreign correspondent and current Truthdig columnist Chris Hedges. The article is titled, “Why I’m Suing Barack Obama.” Hedges’ Truthdig […]

Battlefield USA?…Senate NDAA, sec. 1031 and sec. 1032

I am late to the news on this one from yesterday, but want to make sure the provisions are noted and up for discussion. Link to Thomas for S.1867. Benjamin Wittes from Brookings has commentary worth reading. I have only included language used in the bill here. Senate NDAA Thought #1 by Benjamin Wittes The […]