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Turns Out I Was Wrong. Nate Silver HAS Been Asked to Analyze John Roberts’ Voting-Statistics Usage. But By The New York Times, Not By John Roberts. Oh, Well.

In this post last weekend, I lamented that Roberts hadn’t asked Nate Silver to weigh in on the voting statistics Roberts employed at the argument last week in the Voting Rights Act case. I also said Roberts & Friends were unlikely to ask him to weigh in on it. Which I’m sure is accurate.  But […]

John Roberts’ Curious Voting-Statistics Sophism Misconstrues The Census Report’s Statistics by Failing to Consider Key Statistical Deviation Facts and Fails To Consider WHY Massachusetts Blacks Might Be Voting In Lower Percentages Than Mississippi Blacks Are, Even IF They Are. [UPDATED]

In a blog post titled “In Voting Rights Arguments, Chief Justice Misconstrued Census Data” on NPR’s website, veteran NPR Supreme Court correspondent Nina Totenberg deconstructs a sophism offered by John Roberts at the oral argument on Wednesday on the continued constitutionality of a key section of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, which Congress has […]