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Guest post: Health Insurance Rebates Show How Bad Insurers and State Regulators Can Be

There is and will be a lot of conversation about the efficacy of the ACA (Affordable Care Act), whether it is a step to deal with the health care cost juggernaut or mostly a boon to private insurers.  What is true is that ‘medical inflation’ has resumed to previous levels of year to year increase […]

Estimated returns from the MLR (administrative costs to medical costs)

Bruce Webb on Angry Bear was among the first of bloggers to point out that this aspect of the Medical Loss Ratio begins in 2009 and  here and points again to the MLR as it comes into play. A non-profit group estimates if the Affordable Care Act provisions had been effect in 2010, U.S consumers would […]

MLR bomb…

There is a amazing piece in Forbes that Tim Worstall (also at Forbes) notes reporting on scary news that is misleading: I’m very confused by this piece from fellow Forbes contributor Rick Ungar. He tells us that there’s a bomb buried in Obamacare (or more formally, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) and that […]