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Has Clinton Ever Actually READ the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (the PLCAA)? She Doesn’t Seem to Know What It Says.

Blogger Phil Ebersole, who is a retired journalist, picked up and commented favorably on my Oct. 17 post refuting refuting Clinton’s statement during the Oct. 13 debate that the 2005 federal statute known as the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (the PLCAA), which Sanders voted for and Clinton voted against, “give[s] immunity to the […]

Adam Liptak, gun legislation, the Supreme Court

More on gun legislation and law: …the bottom line is that Liptak’s spot-on, and that I think that the Supreme Court will use that Illinois case that Liptak discusses to make clear that the Second Amendment is not absolute. The Illinois statute bars carrying any weapons in public, even unconcealed ones. I think that, 5-4, […]

Okay, What Exactly Did Chris Cillizza MEAN By “Mental Health Sentencing”?

I rarely watch TV news shows anymore, much less cable political talk shows.  (Okay, I rarely watch TV at all anymore.)  But I happened to watch Chris Matthews’ Hardball tonight on MSNBC.  The topic was, of course, gun control. (Actually, the lack thereof, and whether is any real chance that that might change now.)  And […]