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CGI2011: Women’s Rights: What’s In It for Men?

As regular—well, obsessive–readers know, I’m stealing a title from the sainthood-destined Michèle Tertilt.  But it seems appropriate—and a better title than “Engaging Boys and Men as Allies for Long-term Change”—for today’s Plenary hosted by Former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet. We got a taste of this yesterday, on the panel hosted by Robin Roberts (now a […]

Clinton Global Initiative 2011

As with last year and the year before, I will be (as much as possible) at the Clinton Global Initiative, now with even more Social Media and Networking Goodness. If you’re here, say hello. If you’re not, look for posts and peruse the offerings for the conference. If there’s something you’re especially interested in, email […]

Systemic Discrimination is Legal as long as you are Large

Welcome to the New United States. Trust that Jared Bernstein (if this one shows up, instead of this one) will have more on how much future damage can be done to the economy. UPDATE: Scott Lemieux weighs in, correctly seeing it as worse than any reasonable examination of the facts would have permitted*: Systematic discrimination […]

CGI, Day 3 – Addressing Cancer in the Developing World: Health Equity and an Overlooked Public Health Crisis

The panel is preceded by this video. Dr. Sanjay Gupta (Chief Medical Correspondent, CNN) leads the panel, featuring: Charles-Patrick Almazor, Director, Public Sector Partnership, Artibonite Department, Partners In Health Lance Armstrong, Founder and Chairman, LIVESTRONG Paul Farmer, Co-Founder, Partners In Health; Chair of the Department of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School; Chief […]

CGI Day 3 – Harnessing Human Potential, or The Bush Family Extravaganza

The original schedule for this program was Riz Khan of Al Jazeera English moderating Laura Bush, Former First Lady of the United States Jack Ma, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Alibaba Group Shakira Mebarak, Founder, The Barefoot Foundation Rajendra Pawar, Founder and Chairman, NIIT Group but Shakira was unable to attend, and was replaced by […]

CGI, Day 2 – Securing the Health and Safety of Girls and Women

Tina Brown introduces: Gary Cohen, Executive Vice President, BD Geeta Rao Gupta, Senior Fellow, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Richard C. Holbrooke , Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, U.S. Department of State “and, of course” Ashley Judd, Board Member, Population Services International Starts with Geeta Rao Gupta, who declares the primary issue to be […]

Clinton Global Initiative, Day 2 – Empowering Girls and Women (Plenary)

Moderator is Katie Couric, News Anchor and Managing Editor at CBS News. Panelists are Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah , Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, President of the Republic of Liberia Muhtar Kent, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Coca-Cola Company Mr. Kent’s favorite book is Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat. […]

Clinton Global Initiative, Day 2 – Plenary Session

The second day of the conference, and the first full of the Initiative, is devoted primarily to E&E. Random notes: President Clinton noted in his opening statement that the Haitian disaster’s immediate effect was to eliminate (kill) 17% of the Haitian workforce. Melinda Gates notes that her efforts are mostly aligned with MDG #4, but […]

In Honor of the Super Bowl

Favorite papers from the 2008 AEA in New Orleans (all PDF, ungated): Emily Haisley on lottery tickets and perception. I heard about this paper before reading it. Such a simple idea, such a direct experiment. Michele Tertilt: Women’s Liberation: What’s in it for Men (with M. Doepke). The next step is to figure out why […]

Health Affairs States the Obvious, So We Don’t Have To

Bob Somerby has been on a rant at The Daily Howler that “liberals” do not understand the Stupak Amendment. Unfortunately, claims he makes about Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann and their guests do not apply to Laurie Rubner. At the Health Affairs blog, Ms. Rubner is direct and to the point: From the very beginning, […]