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Mr. McCain vs. Mr. Burns: Who’s Greener?

by Tom Bozzo John McCain gave a speech today intended to brush up his credentials on energy issues, and called for 45 new nuclear reactors to be built by 2030 (and possibly 55 more thereafter) and $2 billion per year in spending on “clean coal” programs. [sound of crickets chirping] There are 104 operational civilian […]

Cross-Price Elasticity Watch: Towards Limits on King Coal (and New Nuclear)

Coal-fired generating capacity is decreasingly cheap: The cost for Alliant Energy’s controversial proposed new coal power plant has soared to a range of $1.1 billion to $1.2 billion, the company stated in a regulatory filing. Alliant previously said the new plant proposed to be the third unit of the Nelson Dewey Generating Station in Cassville […]

The Biofuel-Backlash Backlash

Out here on the edge of the grain belt, my local newspaper’s editorial board today bravely stood up for biofuels. They argue, in part, that corn supply is not fixed: In 1995, before the ethanol boom began, American farmers produced 162 million metric tons of corn for food and export. By 2007, ethanol production was […]

Presidential energy plans

Obama’s energy plan. Clinton’s energy plan. John McCain’s site John McCain ran into a lot of trouble with Republicans the last time he proposed a bill on climate change, getting only 38 votes in the senate. I could not find an energy policy different than the current President’s. If you have access to one, let […]

Growth, more than freedom of capital

We have been discussing a lot of economics through the political viewer lately. And I certainly have laid my point of view out there, but I also like the theory discussion. I like to think and know how stuff works or how someone interprets what they see. I believe discussing theories leads to better political […]