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Open Thread II: Treasury Boogaloo

Geithner it is. I guess we can pretend he’s not a Clinton administration alum. And he has the right experience: Though not an economist, Mr. Geithner has a deep understanding of monetary and fiscal policy and broad experience in international trade issues. Before the current crisis, he was involved in the bailouts of Mexico, Indonesia, […]

Eliot L. Spitzer, is back

By: Divorced one like Bush I was wondering why Mr. Spitzer had not been heard from? Was his personal indiscretion so great that his knowledge and expertise would not trump such? He has an opinion at the Washington Post yesterday. The new president’s team must soon get to the root causes of the mistakes that […]

The National Money Hole, should it go?

This is a very important issue that should be discussed at all econ blogs. It has far reaching ramifications and frankly, I want to know why we did not hear more about the closing of the National Money Hole from president elect Obama. Nor was there one word coming from the Republican Governors Association meeting. […]

What do we want our economy to do? Misuse of GDP

by Divorced one like Bush(successfully I might add) I had the following quotes sitting around for awhile. Like May of 07. Being that we have a “crisis” with our economy (I have a hard time with the word crisis being used, it implies suddenness, unseen), a new governing philosophy in place and we really, really, […]