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Dep’t of WTF (McCain and Economic Crisis Management)

At Americablog, Robert Arena writes: Watching John McCain’s economics speech in Wisconsin. It’s like watching a modern day Herbert Hoover live. He really doesn’t get it… – He went through a castigation of the Fed and basically told them to stay out of this – I mean, does he really not understand that the Fed […]

The Last Word on The 300

From me, at least, goes to Hilzoy and the off-my-reading-list-for-politics Obsidian Wings: while I’d ordinarily assume that economists signing on to “John McCain’s plan” were signing on to the actual document he had released, the fact that those 300 names were released within hours made me wonder whether all of them had had a chance […]

One in 300, or the Only one in Government?

UPDATE: Brad DeLong lists some of the Usual Suspects who are Not in the Line-up. John McCain’s 300 economists who support his Jobs for America Plan (via Tyler Cowen, non-sociopath, who provides an appropriate context for the list) includes one person, an Ike Brannon, whose affiliation is listed as “Department of the Treasury” and who, […]

Some Election Economics

I check out Robert Reich’s blog on occasion being that he is a person who was involved in the past. Yesterdays: Over a decade ago when, as Secretary of Labor, I hollered about the scandal of widening inequality in America, I’d get phone calls from Democratic officials who politely asked me to shut up. After […]