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Because this worked so well last time…

Via Drs. DeLong and Black, the WaPo reports that this version of the S&L crisis will repeat the mistakes of the last one: Instead of giving each company a big capital infusion upfront, the government could make quarterly injections as the companies’ losses warrant, the sources said. This would be an attempt to minimize the […]

Brad DeLong Lets the Cat Out of the Bag

Responding to EconomistMom, he ends his breakdown of flows with: Aiming for a balanced unified deficit over the business cycle would, I think, be a good thing economically–but I really do not see how we could possibly get there. Apparently, spending eight years Serbing the budget has worked. As the current Administration surely knew it […]

The Last Word on The 300

From me, at least, goes to Hilzoy and the off-my-reading-list-for-politics Obsidian Wings: while I’d ordinarily assume that economists signing on to “John McCain’s plan” were signing on to the actual document he had released, the fact that those 300 names were released within hours made me wonder whether all of them had had a chance […]

Opportunity. Costs.

Tyler Cowen takes a premise of Arnold Kling’s: My guess is that most of the younger (aged 30-34) highly-educated folks are children of two highly-educated parents. My guess is that many of the older (aged 55-59) highly-educated folks are children of a college-educated father but not a college-educated mother. I don’t think we have a […]

The Race is on?

Will post-autistic economics review (who have, sadly imnvho, renamed themselves “real-world economic review) or The Economists’ [sic] Voice be the first to publish Robert Waldmann’s paper (a readable version of this blog post, which now also links to the paper)? Only Brad DeLong may know for certain. But you should read it now.

Wanker of Two Days Ago

Dalton Conley. 1. Conley actually wrote this for publication in the New York Times: The truth is that the triumph of conservative ideas may present a political problem for the ailing Republicans, but the party that’s truly lacking in ideas is my own, the resurgent Democrats. Yeah, that triumph of conservative ideas is why the […]

21st century economics just starting

Mark Thoma carried a post on a piece The sting of poverty, by Drake Bennett, Boston Globe on a fresher look at the reasons poor people are ‘irrational’ in neo-liberal economic terms regarding diminishing returns of marginal utility. Many familiar names are in the comments. It is a great start to bringing economic theory out […]