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Tom Tomorrow Today His latest book of hilarious yet scary comics is out now (conveniently available via the link to the right). Note that it’s a greatest hits collection, so if you own every other Tom Tomorrow book, it might be redundant. AB

It’s Funny Because It’s True Charles Kuffner, who recently had a brush with fame, links to this hilarious must-see photograph. The arrow is pointing to the front gates of the Texas State Capitol, which I suppose is ironic since the man holding the sign is standing on Martin Luther King Boulevard whereas Gov. Rick “Boss” […]

Rick Santorum Must be Outraged They say that Dog Bites Man is not newsworthy; Man Bites Dog, on the other hand, is news because it’s unlikely and unexpected. Well this essay (titled “‘Conservative’ Bush Spends More than ‘Liberal’ Presidents Clinton, Carter”) from the libertarian Cato Institute falls into the category of man and dog doing […]

Rice Watch Day 11 Or should it be Cheney-watch? Via Matt Yglesias, I find this story in Slate’s Chatterbox. The title of Noah’s piece is somewhat misleading: Did Condi Give the Game Away? Her Yellowcakegate alibi doesn’t add up, because Noah’s real target is not Rice, but Dick Cheney. Why Cheney? Tenet knew that his […]

Good News, Right? On the wire: “The Labor Department reported the nation’s unemployment rate declined to 6.2 percent in July from 6.4 percent in the previous month.” But before you get excited, read the next sentence: The figure was slightly better than analysts’ estimates, but much of the drop came from 470,000 disenchanted people who […]

Rice Watch Day 10 It looks like the heat on Rice is easing up a bit, but the watch endures. In large part, this is because reporters aren’t asking the Administration questions like the one Bob Somerby suggests: Mr. President, we have been told that Dr. Condoleezza Rice did not read last October’s National Intelligence […]

Hold on for a second. You’re through. I’m waiting for a good chance to use that line the next time someone asks me a question I don’t like. AB

Wish I’d Said That Digby on the DLC trashing Dean: “The Internet may be giving angry, protest-oriented activists the rope they need to hang the party,” wrote Randolph Court in the DLC’s bimonthly newsletter, The New Democrat Blueprint. Digby: I sure wish that the Republicans had believed that about talk radio because then we’d hold […]

The Mountain Might Get ’em, but the Law Never Will There’s more to the story of the Texas Democratic Senators leaving the state than meets the eye–or, at the least, some interesting details–according to this amusing account of the Democrats’ getaway plan, Operation Town Lake: Planning [for a getaway] picked up two weeks ago, when […]

Bait and Switch Program Revisited Via Matt Yglesias, Kevin Drum apparently did the hard work of reading the transcript of Bush’s Press Conference today. Therein, Kevin found this: And in order to placate the critics and the cynics about intentions of the United States, we need to produce evidence. And I fully understand that. And […]