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Gary Hart Has a Blog It looks like Hart is posting on alternate days. Here’s a sample: I’ve been meeting with students and activists in Durham, Manchester, Hanover, Boston, Amherst, and New Haven and I have been hearing some common themes…Heidi Brooks, a business school student, asked me “how will we know when the war […]

Angry Bear Back from Vacation I guess the headline says it all. Europe was great and the people were friendly to Americans–at least to us. Unfortunately, I didn’t talk much to the locals about war views. I guess I wasn’t real anxious to approach people and say “Hi, I’m American, what do you think about […]

Paris Scenes We caught the tail end of a protest in the Place de Concorde last night. It ended at 5:00 and we didn’t get there till around 5:30, so the pictures below don’t show the full turnout. The most notable aspect was the lack of any overt anti-Americanism…the signs were all peace oriented as […]

London Dispatch For the most part it seems like business as usual in London, with scattered sightings of protesters here and there, and some anti-war signs on buses. Upon arriving in Picadilly Square, I did see a group of people with “Shag Iraq” T-shirts–which could really be either a pro or anti-war message…in this case, […]

Angry Bear on Vacation I’ll be out of the country, in the UK and France Freedom, on a personal vacation that was booked some time ago and is completely unrelated to anything geopolitical in nature. I do hope to post perhaps on alternate days or perhaps every third day. Hopefully, I’ll get some interesting European […]

Roundup Ampersand has an excerpt worth reading from a letter Rachel Corrie wrote to her parents, shortly before her death. (Regardless of which side you take on Israel/Palestine, there is unarguably much suffering in the West Bank and Gaza Strip; Rachel Corrie first gave up comfort and then her life to do what she thought […]

Nobody likes us, but there’s some optimism on Iraq This Pew Report, America’s Image Further Erodes, Europeans Want Weaker Ties…But Post-War Iraq Will Be Better Off, Most Say, is worth reading. Here’s a good graph, but there’s a lot more there. Another interesting quote from the report: “More than seven-in-ten of the French (73%) and […]

War has begun Let us all hope for the best: a speedy resolution with minimal loss of life on all sides.

Angrier Bear Not so long ago, I echoed CalPundit’s sentiment that “… the Standard really a more interesting, more unpredictable, and basically more honest conservative magazine than National Review?”. Well all it takes is the impending start of war for the Standard to go off the deep end. Here’s a typical hyperbolic quip by the […]