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In Defense of O’Neill

Donald Luskin praises Treas. Sec. Snow with the following: I’ve come to believe that John Snow is doing a terrific job. Since he was nominated by the president in January 2003, he has been at the center of the Bush administration’s best economic initiatives. In his first months in office, he helped push through the […]

PlameGate: NYSun Unaware of the Meaning of “Secret”

The Department of State’s July 9, 2003 continues to be discussed in the PlameGate matter. The latest is from the New York Sun article entitled “No Hint Seen in Memo that Plame’s Role Was Secret”: Contrary to published reports, a State Department memorandum at the center of the investigation into the leak of the name […]

More Fiscal Dishonesty from Certain Republicans

Sensible and honest conservative Bruce Bartlett emails me the latest nonsense from Deroy Murdock: Modest legislation to extend President Bush’s tax cuts for two years, rather than make them permanent, is trapped in a House-Senate conference committee. Such inaction might be understandable if tax cuts actually “ballooned the deficit,” as tax hikers always charge. In […]

Rich Lowry Advises Karl Rove

On partisan politics: When I talk to people about the sad state of the Bush administration lately, we always ask ourselves, “Well, what can he do now?” … I have come up with (an admittedly thin) seven-point plan of action: Accept an enforcement-only immigration bill. This is a no-brainer. Bush can say, “Look, I love […]

Iran v. Bush: A Game of Chicken?

Tyler Cowen reads Seymour Hersh and writes (somewhat optimistically): The core economic issue is this: in the midst of a “chicken” game, which verbal cues should lead you to conclude that things are going well (poorly) for your side? … How about this? We make lots of noise, hoping to scare Iran. If the noise […]

Attacking Fitzgerald

First, it was William Kristol. As Jane Hamsher notes: Many people have assumed that BushCo. hasn’t gone into smear mode because of their previous praise of Fitzgerald, to which I say balderdash. They’d frame Mother Theresa for pedophelia if it suited their purposes. It’s what they know how to do. Justin Hood catches GOP hack […]

LeakGate: Clift & Schneider Get It – Toobin Does Not

Lou Dobbs covered the big news on April 6 by inviting Bill Schneider to comment and Mr. Schneider did well. Alas, his time was shared with Jeffrey Toobin who is too lost in legal babble to get the big picture. First, Schneider’s comments: Well, for the very reason David Ensor just gave, that the president […]

Snow Must Go

It seems that Josh Bolton and I agree on one thing – but for very different reasons. We both want John Snow to resign from the position of Treasury Secretary: Joshua Bolten, the incoming White House chief of staff, wants Treasury Secretary John Snow replaced with someone who can present the administration’s message more forcefully […]

Immigration and the Politics of the Left

The issue of immigration has been well-documented as exposing a rift among Republicans in recent days; articles in the Washington Post, The Economist, and the Financial Times are but a few examples. But the political left seems to me to be nearly as split on the issue. Numerous readers of this blog have expressed serious […]

The True Fiscal Nightmare

Bruce Bartlett’s post on his NYTimes blog last week highlighted the long-term fiscal problems faced by the US. He mentioned that his preferred solution would be to impose a national value added tax (VAT) to help close the gap between expected federal revenues and spending. His most recent NYTimes post (see Mark Thoma for excerpts, […]