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It’s the Private Debt, Stupid

I’ve gone on about this elsewhere, but thought I should bring it up front and center here. While everyone hyperventilates about government debt, they don’t seem to be aware of the massively greater load of private debt, and its spectacular runup compared to government debt: This from Steve Keen’s latest. (It’s not very long. There […]

250 Billion Reasons Why the Fed Hates Inflation (and Doesn’t Care About Employment)

Let’s start with the basics: Increased inflation results in (in a sense, is) a wealth transfer from creditors to debtors. Debtors get to pay off their loans in less-valuable dollars — dollars that can’t buy as much real-world stuff, stuff that humans can consume, that they value. If you’re holding a hundred million dollars in bonds — […]

Is Big Government Inevitable? Desirable? Necessary?

Let’s start with two basic facts: • Governments in all thriving, prosperous countries tax/spend 25–50% of those countries’ GDP (averaging around 40%). • Governments in non-prosperous countries — those that haven’t suffered a recent crash in the numerator/GDP — are all below that range. There is not a single thriving, prosperous country that does not […]