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Bailouts and Moral Hazard

Bailouts and Moral Hazardby Robert Here we are again, just into a Bear (sterns) market and we have to face the fact that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are waaaaay to big to fail. A strong case can be made that a bailout will cost relatively little and failure to come to their assistance will […]

Milton Friedman Meets Robert Klitgaard

I encountered the writings of Robert Klitgaard twice. I read “Tropical Gangsters” an excellent book on his experience working for The World Bank in Ecuatorial Guinea which is not to be confused with the epymenus epyminus (oh hell I’ll never guess the spelling of that word ) CD by King Creole and the Coconuts. Years […]

Economics Makes for Strange Sick-Bed Fellows

Obama ready to cave in to insurance industry AKA ‘Her Way’; Obama Health Plan Could Go In Clinton’s DirectionTeddy Davis, John Santucci and Gregory Wallace ABC News 06.29.2008 Obama’s surrogate [Dr. Kavita Patel] made her comments Wednesday while representing him at a National Journal health-policy forum moderated by Ron Brownstein, the political director of Atlantic […]

Hello My Name is Robert Waldmann

Hi I am Robert Waldmann. rdan has very kindly invited me to guest post here some. I have a blog of my own (to which he kindly linked in the announcement). I am officially an economist, but tend to blog about politics at my home blog. Here I will try to fit the interest in, […]