Volcanos vs anthropogenic global warming

Another stupid climate change denialist troll trick is to point out that volcanos also emit carbon dioxide and therefore volcanos, not human activity, are the cause of the current climate change crisis. While vulcanism has shaped the climate during earth’s history, it is not a significant contributor today. Human activity-associated CO2 generation dwarfs volcanos. Again, Google is your friend:

“Volcanic eruptions are often discussed in the context of climate change because they release CO2 and other gases into our atmosphere. However, the impact of human activities on the carbon cycle far exceeds that of all the world’s volcanoes combined, by more than 100 times.

“To put it in perspective, while volcanic eruptions do contribute to an increase in atmospheric CO2, human activities release an amount of CO2 equivalent to what a Mount St. Helens-sized eruption produces every 2.5 hours and a Mount Pinatubo-sized eruption twice daily.

“The most significant eruptions come from super volcanoes like Yellowstone or Mount Toba, which erupt very rarely, about every 100,000 to 200,000 years or more. Yet, the total annual CO2 emissions from human activities are akin to one or more Yellowstone-sized super eruptions occurring every year.”

volcanos are not driving climate change