Oversized Vehicles of Transportation

Parking where you should not park with your oversized toy.

This picture was also on Reddit. I believe the original pic(s) are from here: “Driver shares photo high-lighting a parking problem with oversized vehicles: ‘These cars are pointless,'” The Cooldown.

According to one Planning Commission member in Arizona, sixty percent of the vehicles being purchased are pickup trucks. Most of these vehicles are used for non-work travel. Maybe some groceries in the back. I am finding many of the drivers will tailgate at high-speed travel even in the right lane. Probably they do so because they can see what is ahead of you.

They burn more fuel than a car even if diesel. More material goes into the manufacture of them. Cars are wasteful also; and pickup trucks take it to an extreme. It also appears they have difficulty finding a parking place. In this case, the Dodge Ram should be towed. The driver was just lazy . . .

Time to tax them more also.