Baltimore Bridge Reopens

It appears the wreckage from the bridge has been cleared away. This will allow container ships, etc. to use the channel in greater capacity to the port. However, getting across the bay will still take time as other routes will need to be taken by cars and trucks. I am sure there are a few angry comments being made as a result of the Dali taking down a major throughfare. Container ship reaching the Baltimore hrbor will resume.


As taken from, “Port of Baltimore shipping channel fully reopens,” CNN.

The Port of Baltimore’s shipping channel is fully operational again, response officials announced Monday. In case you forgot? More than two months ago, the container ship Dali into the Francis Scott Key Bridge, killing six construction workers and cutting off access to a crucial port of entry. Basically, what this did was reroute traffic to other ports which added to traffic and meant lengthier land travel to destinations by train or truck.

What I find interesting about this, is the amount of time it has taken to clear the channel after the crash the end of March. Two months to clear the channel is a quick turnaround. Next up has to be the replacement of the bridge.

I would be curious as to know if new and protective footings will be built. It would make sense to create wider openings for the container ships. Building better abutments to the bridge foundational support should also be in the plans. I am assuming they will modernize the replacement rather than go with the old bridge architecture.

President Joe Biden has pledged federal funds to rebuild the bridge;

“It’s my intention that the federal government will pay the entire cost of reconstructing that bridge. And I expect the Congress to support my effort. The process will take some time.”

It has been noted the recovery of costs from the ship’s owner may be limited due to the statue Limitation of Liability Act of 1851. Which makes this another interesting factor as there were issues with the ship’s operation. That will probably play out in court.