Open Thread May 1 2024 so trump is Fined $9,000

Do you, does anyone, really believe trump gives a damn if he is fined $9,000? That is not a threat to him. And what jail cell, in what jail will they put this threatening president in? I know one county jail, Cook County Jail in Chicago. Let him mingle with the general population. Let him bluster with them.

This is a problem with trump. He knows nothing will happen to him. Those fines will disappear and he will walk. He will not go to jail. His towel boys will get him out. They will scream to Alito.

Some WSJ for you. Judge Fines Trump for Contempt in Hush-Money Case, Threatens Jail Time, WSJ, James Fanelli and Jacob Gerschman.

A New York judge on Tuesday fined Donald Trump $9,000 and threatened to throw him in jail for repeatedly violating a gag order restricting the former president from making public statements about potential witnesses in his hush-money trial.

“The Court finds Defendant in criminal contempt for willfully disobeying a lawful mandate of this Court,” Justice Juan Merchan wrote in an eight-page ruling that said Trump could face jail time for further defiance.

Merchan’s finding comes after prosecutors alleged Trump violated the gag order in recent posts on his social-media site and campaign website.