Crocodile tears

Here’s Jerome Adams, MD, former Surgeon General, now outraged at the absurdity that is the American “healthcare” system:

“Numerous Americans have found themselves ensnared in analogous predicaments while seeking medical attention, as evidenced by the myriad stories shared in response to my tweet. The opacity surrounding healthcare pricing makes it difficult for patients to ascertain the cost of their care upfront, engendering bewilderment, frustration, and financial distress when confronted with unexpected bills. Although the No Surprises Act (NSA) was passed to address just this issue, its implementation (beginning in 2022) has been contentious and some hospitals are still not in compliance.

“In my case, had I been aware that I would be charged $10,000 for basic treatment that included IV hydration — care that you can get in a hotel room or via mobile clinics in many cities for less than $500 — I would have opted to hydrate at home. However, despite healthcare purportedly operating as a free market, I was not furnished with the requisite information to make an informed decision regarding my purchase. Moreover, I was not apprised of the cost of my care until 6 weeks later!

“It is worth noting that emergency veterinary clinics furnish cost estimates to pet owners, enabling them to make informed decisions before proceeding with care. If we can do it for Fido, shouldn’t we be able to extend comparable transparency to human healthcare as well?

Jerome Adams was Surgeon General in the Trump Administration. When did he stand up to Trump on Covid, the Medicare Advantage scam, the well-known abuses of the free-market health insurance business, or the dismantling of VA healthcare?

Adams is exhibit A for the solipsistic “unless it happens to me, it didn’t happen.”

Is Jerome Adams, MD, now advocating for single payer? I haven’t seen it. His outrage is limited to his personal experience.


Jerome Adams is outraged by the cost of privatized healthcare