Trump’s “Truth” Social meme stock plummets

I’m an investor, not a gambler, so I don’t own cryptocurrency, NFTs or shares in “Truth” Social. So the news that investors in DJT are being taken to the cleaners doesn’t faze me.

“Shares of Trump Media plunged more than 15% on Monday after the company filed to issue millions of additional shares of stock.

“Trump Media’s dramatic slide came as Donald Trump sat in a Manhattan courtroom for the start of his criminal trial on hush money-related charges. Trump is the majority stakeholder in the company.

“Trump Media, which created the Truth Social app and trades under the stock ticker DJT on the Nasdaq, fell nearly 20% last week.

“Since the company began public trading on March 26, its share price has fallen more than 62%, from an opening price of $70.90 that day down to around $27 on Monday.

“As a result, its market capitalization has been slashed by nearly $6 billion, leaving it at around $3.7 billion as of Monday.”

Who knows? Maybe he’ll be acquitted and investors will come rushing back! Buy on the dips, peeps!

Is Trump media a buying opportunity?